USB Computer Protection


The Informed USB stick protects against computer and screen radiation and the copper plate against other kinds of radiation. We recommend this product to anyone using a computer often, especially children as their immune system is more sensitive.


The USB protective stick reduces the negative effects of harmful radiation of the computer when inserted into a USB port.

The information which provides this protection is imprinted in Vili Poznik’s orgone laboratory in Celje.

With the key you also receive a self-adhesive informed plate which offers additional protection against radiation and is placed on the router or on the frame of the computer screen.

The protective effects of the USB Computer Protection are tested in many ways:

  1. At the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies in Ljubljana University they have shown with electrography (Prof. Dr. Peter Bukovec), that the use of the protective stick visibly augments the human biofield or aura.

  2. It has also been shown by Prof. Dr. Boris Laptev, that the use of the protective stick improves the stability of the person’s bioenergetic field.

  3. The cardiologist Dr. Tomislav Majić has discovered by using microscopy on a live blood drop on a dark screen that by using the protective USB stick the computer emits less harmful radiation and has less of an effect on red blood cells.

We must not carry the Protective USB Stick in our left pockets because the good information from the stick may be too powerful for some and may cause discomfort.

The Protective USB Stick is meant to work permanently, its effects can only be erased by powerful electromagnetic radiation or lightning.

It can of course be also used for storing information, but the files from the USB_ZASCITA must not be erased from the stick.

If we copy the contents of the stick the information is not transferred because they are not on the flash drive but rather the information is imprinted using a special system of emitters. Such a copied key does not work in a protective way.

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