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Vili Poznik, the exceptional innovator from Celje, at 80 years of age holds a great amount of international awards for his numerous innovations of which many are patented. His chief goal is helping people and improving the quality of life as his accessible inventions improve health and wellbeing. During the making of his many inventions he collaborated with hospitals, clinics, universities and scientists from different fields at home and abroad. In his work he focuses on the fields of physical medicine and information technology, which are based on quantum physics. Some call this extremely promising technology the technology of the third millennia.

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Vili Poznik’s innovations concern mainly the quality of water, air and food. They improve wellbeing, health and our energy state. A manufacturing engineer by profession, he has been inventing for more than 60 years and still invents incredible products which can also be bought. His inventor’s journey began already in high school. He made an immense amount of products and is a pioneer in the field of informed products. He likes to joke that he isn’t interested in making products that anyone else can make. When he gets an idea from “up there” as he says, he always knows how to make it happen. He is disappointed only in that Slovenian companies and official Slovenian science have too little of trust in innovation from this young but promising scientific field.



Everything that surrounds us is a world of vibrations and information which these vibrations transmit and conduct. These energies are available to us at all times. It is only a matter of how open and perceptible we are to them. Today we can count ourselves lucky that this knowledge and revelations are known to us. This allows us to raise the level of energy and information transfer with the help of Poznik Information Technologies. POZNIK VILI, inventor and founder of Poznik Information Technologies

Interview with Vili Poznik - History

Written by: Miša Čermak, Photos: Šimen Zupančič

Seeing the working space of the world renowned Slovenian innovator Vili Poznik, who some call the Slovenian Nikola Tesla, is truly an experience. Everything is moving, circling, radiating and emitting. Orgone emitters are constantly informing a vast variety of things: bottles and glasses (against stress, for losing weight, for revitalising water), ballpoint pens, which are proven to help children concentrate, platters and table mats, which revitalise food and drinks, stickers that simulate healthy effects of bee stings (Very soon, says Vili, it’s going to cure a paraplegic!), Norad protection for mobile phone, Elmag device that helps with health problems, the Hydronic water vitaliser and many more. For his innovation he has received numerous awards at home and abroad. His products have been tested by foreign and Slovene scientists including Prof. Dr. Anton Jeglič and Dr. Prof. Igor Kononenko. Helping people remains a guiding principle for Vili well in his eighties. Not only has he been improving our water, air, food and health for over 40 years, his priority is also helping the poor!

A skeptic – convinced with proof. The machinist Vili Poznik has always been interested in that which can’t be made. “There is always something new, yes, this has held my interest. We’ve also worked on medicine equipment for physical therapy – these were more or less mechanical products with the addition of energy, we got all the awards and prizes around the world. You know, that time, in the eighties, back in old Yugoslavia, we cooperated with the VMA (Yugoslav Military Medicine Academy) in Belgrade. We did research for seven years and a half. We worked on how to get the drafted reserve troops to last a forty kilometer march. 60% didn’t because of the blisters. Well, we helped them with imprinted information, the Elmag device.” They also promoted the device abroad but, he says, they were shut down by the pharmaceutical lobby. Even back then we made the Norad phone protection – by now they figured out that mobile phone radiation causes temple cancer, even brain cancer after 15 years of continuous use. When I still wonder what lured him into the world of information, “You know, I don’t feel – I need to measure because I don’t have that sense to feel.” He had long been opposed to radiesthesia and the pendulum, which for many years now has been his companion, because “How can I measure something with a mere pendulum?” “But my son was using it. I made fun of him and I don’t know how or why I became interested. I started measuring and wanted it to be tested, which is why we were sending our informed products to Jožef Štefan Institute to Prof. Jeglič and subjected them to numerous other tests, even with the kirilian and photonic camera.” Yes, only through his own experience did Vili, a convinced skeptic, believe. “I was observing the nature through my work. With the informed water plants behaved differently, even ants. But not only with informed water – I started using glass too.” With the pendulum he doesn’t inform, he doesn’t transfer information. He uses it only for measuring. To transfer information he uses the orgone emitter, but his knowledge comes from many people. “On my path I was helped by many foreign scientists, doctors with information. Back then many a lecture seemed a bit daft to me, truly, but they left certain knowledge too, a feeling.” Since then his inventing and innovating career has only climbed and gained a broader scope. His walls, full of awards from home and abroad, serve only as a confirmation of the excellence of Vili Poznik’s creativity.

When I ask what he has created apart from the renowned glasses and phone protection he exclaims “Oh, there’s so much of it!” He explains that he forgets a lot of products he has created. To his help comes a friend and colleague Vinko Žgajnar: “Electromagnetic radiation was understood by Vili a long time before its time. This is why he was able to make the Elmag for the Yugoslav Armada. He made it so that it could quickly replenish stamina and reduce tiredness. Based on this Vili knew that he could regulate frequencies and affect bodily states to improve wellbeing. This is why Elmag was made as a very sophisticated device, very small, very useful. Anyone can wear it and now the whole world is using it.” What about the phone protection? “Vili detected that the frequency caused by mobile phones is harmful to the body when used too much. It is a unique protection because it is based on a fundamental discovery, on the behavior of water that comprises us.” We know that our bodies are made of at least 70% water and that the water receives information with great ease, scientists are certain of this. “Correct. The Norad phone protection works so that it enhances a person’s biofield. When the person stops talking on the phone, the information in the protective sticker enable that the normal state is quickly introduced. The person is in equilibrium at once. In a short time the negative deviations caused by mobile phone use are also negated.” I understand that from Elmag is the basis for the phone protection, but how did he come up with the water vitaliser, the living water for which we already know is the source of life and health, and how from there to erasing the negative influence of bar codes on products? “I am not interested in making products that can already be made by other people. I’m interested in that which others can’t do.” he says. “When I get an idea from “up there” I’m always shown the way of making it too.” He is only saddened that Slovenian companies and official Slovenian science have too little trust in innovation from this young but promising field.

For the third millennium – for ecology. Vili, in his work and research, works in the fields of physical medicine and information technology, which has foundation in quantum physics. Everyone, including us scientists, is seeing that this scientific field holds incredible promise in the near future. They are already calling it the technology of the third millennium. One of the already mentioned technologies, used in the process, is the Hydronic technology, which is based on the discovery that water itself is a carrier of information which it receives from the environment and has been given the award for the best invention in the field of ecology in Pittsburgh. “We know the Hydronic for the house, which is installed on the water pipe and the one for plants, animals, even concrete. With special procedures it’s possible to influence the hydrogen bonds and thus the molecules inside solutions, so that they change their properties. Substances in the solutions are still present, but their effects are changed. This is especially important with remedying the consequences of intensive farming: remains of pharmaceutical substances, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other things which negatively affect the plants, animals and harm people.” So such treated water, which also contains the remains of pharmaceutical compounds, is improved. “The changed molecular structure of water and the compounds dissolved in it work in a different way on living organisms. There is little or even no harmful effect on them.” This water is comparable in quality to the one from springs so it’s close to the living water provided by unpolluted nature and there is no lime scale buildup, which brings a lot of benefits. “Not to go too much into the benefits for people, plants and animals: when we water plants they have less pests, the produce is ripe, bigger and lasts longer. They have more energy and emit more energy!” Even on the test farms where they use the living water, results are impressive. Animals aren’t sick, the pigs consumed 20% less food and had more weight on account of better metabolism and more peace, their manure has a 70% reduced smell, yes, because of improved metabolism! Of course this water improves the immune system.” They continue to share the beneficial effects that become apparent when using the Hydronic in industry, even the textile industry – there are almost too many to list. It is apparent that Vili doesn’t promote his products. His goal is informing and working towards the common good. This is what Vili’s tireless explaining and educating through the decades is meant for. He knows that with responsible behavior each of us contributes his own stone in the mosaic of a better tomorrow. This is why he creates, explores and informs products that improve the quality of water, air and food, improve wellbeing and health and better our energy state.

Harmful barcodes.It’s hard to explain how he works when he informs, but Vili has a device that can read what he can’t. There he gets the information he needs. In his base there are over 300.000 information clusters, this information, the information that someone needs, are directed through the carriers of information (informed plates, Hydronic). Vili’s great knowledge and revelation is that he knows self-regulation, the dosage. Simply put, he knows how much and when someone needs something. “I read with my hand and measure with my pendulum. I can direct this information into glasses or mats, anywhere really.” He also works on protection from information. He has made a protective USB which helps with the computer’s electronic radiation. “There is no shield between a device and the person using it, even though it is needed. Our information technology works in a way that increases the defensive ability of the living being. A molecule of water in us vibrates in an unusual way after it has been in contact with information, it changes the processes in the body, and we can get sick, because the water and molecules in us aren’t in the form that we need which can cause us problems. The immune system is out of equilibrium and needs to be balanced first. Put differently, it’s similar to drinking poisoned water. Well, the informed USB key protects us so that it enhances our biofied, it detoxifies the poisoned water in our bodies.” It’s needless to say that the effects of all of Poznik’s innovations are tested both at home and abroad. It is also true that with the use of informed products we become more relaxed, confident and calm. What about the barcodes which every product we buy is marked with? Vili has spoken of their ill effects for many years. Not only is it that he warns, he also wishes to show and prove it. I test the reaction of our bodies to the scanned barcodes along with my photographer with a simple muscle test and Vili’s pendulum. The result of the harmfulness of the product is confirmed by the photographer’s aching hand. The muscles and the body itself show distinctly what suits them and what doesn’t. Barcodes don’t work positively. Only after Vili places the product on the information saturated plate, is the body comfortable again and the muscles full of strength.

“Now we’re only working on information,” explains Vili. “Our greatest wish is that with the help of information technologies we can so influence the workings of nature that man, who would be the recipient of these positive changes, could live better and be healthier physically, mentally and spiritually. He would be more acceptable to himself and to others.” This means that people as a sort of preventive first aid kid, could chose an informed plate and negate the effect of barcodes (“What use is there for organic vegetables if you buy it in supermarkets where they put barcodes on it?”), living water, computer protection, etc. In this way the beneficial change for people, animals and plants could take place. “We’ve also been able to inform stickers with bee stings. This form of apitherapy is known. We’ve been able to capture the properties of bee venom, put it into code and transfer it onto stickers. They are very effective. We’ve been able to combine two technologies, apitherapy and Poznik information technologies!” It’s proven to work with injuries, rheumatism, painful menstruation and the applications are only getting more numerous. Even doctors confirm its effects in more than 95% of the cases.

How far Vili Poznik will reach with his vision even he doesn’t know for sure. But he remains humble and I can agree with many people who say that he is extremely confident, but not egoistic. He remains a skeptic himself but when he is sure that something works towards the common good, he wants everyone to know about it too. Because of this he wants his products to be tested by experts and scientists, doctors and users, “For the common good of us all!”