NORAD – JUNIOR Phone Protection


NORAD – JUNIOR is a self-adhesive informed 3D sticker that can be applied to the front or back of the phone and doesn’t interfere with normal phone functioning. When attached to the back it also improves your grip and prevents sliding.


The informed protective sticker reduces the risk caused by mobile phone and base station radiation by up to 70%.

The users’ improved biofields or auras prove that the informed 3D sticker NORAD really works. This sort of research has been done in the laboratory for cognitive modeling at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, and the Laboratory for Cytogenetics in Ljubljana.

The informed phone protection has received the gold prize at the IMPEX Invention Show in Pittsburgh, USA, the bronze award at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland and the gold prize at the MOS Expo in Slovenia.

The protective JUNIOR stickers are a product of Poznik d.o.o. and are informed using an award-winning Poznik TP technology in the Poznik orgone laboratory in Celje.

Units in the package: 1

Units in box: 1


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