Mask protection x-15


Informed magnetic mask protection for better well-being


Informed magnetic mask protection for better well-being

How does it work?

The working of all our products is tried, tested and proven with award-winning alternative methods, used more and more in the field of new sciences. These are:

Biophoton Camera measurement;
Kirlian Camera measurement;
Allium Test (Protocol 8);
Kinesiological test
Radiesthesic measurements

We did not perform other scientific tests to test product functioning.

Unknown effects on heart pacers, dental implants, Nickel allergies, magnets, pregnancy …

Additional use options:
Can be placed on the left side of the body but as close to the face as possible. For example, you can place it on you collar, pocket, left shoulder. It should not touch the skin if you have a Nickel or magnet allergy.

Units in package:
1 set of informed magnetic mask protection

You can find the instructions for use in the photos below.


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