The informed 5G protective plate


The informed 5G protective plate considerably reduces the risk caused by radiation from mobile phones.


Considerably reduces the risk caused by radiation from mobile phones.

The plate insurance that the water in the body returns back to the form it had before it was affected by radiation from cell phones, mobile phones, base stations and other increasingly stronger and frequent non – ionizing radiation.

PLATE is a safe – adhesive coded 20mm diameter plate that we attached to the back off the phone. It does not affect the technical operation of the mobile phone in any way.

The increased bio – field or aura proves that the plate really works. Cytogenetic Allium tests have demonstrated that it also reduces the genotoxicity of water.

The coded plate is not a subject to wear. Its codes can, however, be deleted by strong electromagnetic radiation or lightning.

Units in the package: 1pcs
Informed protective plate

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