Informed card for better well-being and energy


Informed card for better well-being and energy


Based on years of research, progress and feedback we made a card which helps and supports the living processes and allows us to better understand and control our living environment.
Because we as people are very structured beings, available potentials by themselves cannot offer us adequate support. It is a rare occurrence when we pick the best out of all possible solutions.
Especially in difficult situations, it is paramount that we are able to act calmly and in a focused way. A broad spectre of information and impulses generated by the Poznik card helps us in this.

The card functions proportionately in a way that when we experience a lack of energy, the information helps to accelerate processes, while at other times it provides the information which enhance balance and harmony.

Our well-being and the ability to respond to stimuli are mostly dependent on our balance – the harmony of processes taking place inside the body and external stimuli in the primary sense or even all forms of environmental responses to our activities.

Complex processes have the proper support to achieve balance and restore critical life processes with the presence of this card. It is in itself a visual carrier of various forms of numerical codes, which are structured by numerous colours and shapes. Each card is treated with a special process to infuse it with at least 300.000 pieces of information and encompass different areas connected to the body’s well-being. It is closely related to man, our history, ancient knowledge and modern revelations. The information includes positive experience in different areas, industries and guide the processes towards that which is beneficial to both the individual and the community. Amongst all this, a special selection of information is included which ensures an adherence to natural laws and processes in order not to adversely affect any individual’s free will and decision-making.


Like everything in our part of the universe, the card has its stronger and weaker side. A display on each side indicates which card has 50% potential and which 100% potential. At first use, the side of the card facing the body should be the side with 50% indicated potential. If we continue to feel good after wearing it on its weaker side, we may turn it and receive 100% of the available potential.

Based on special revelations and measurements based on Poznik technologies, we advise you to use the card with the goal of influencing processes and well-being so that you hold it in you left hand or place it on the left side of the body. By this you are guided by the principle that the left side of the body is receiving information, while the right side does not have this capacity.

When using this card, it is important to remember that each of us is unique and must closely monitor their own reactions when using the Poznik informed card.

In practice this means that whenever we are using the card and notice an adverse reaction, we simply shift the location of the card from the left pocket to the right one. Doing so we greatly reduce the influence of the card. We can also choose to persist in wearing the card in the left pocket, if we are able to recognize that the felt effects are simply processes of change towards a wanted state. The card offers us support in all life situations but does not necessarily allow us to wholly change complex processes.

The card offers support in influencing the direction of changes happening to us while we still remain the main actor in those changes.

Sometime in life, we really require just a little push to achieve what we want to change something. In those time, the card will surely be of great use. If we use the card when we start writing a final thesis for example, the card can certainly not give you the required knowledge, but it can definitely allow you to achieve greater focus and concentration.

The card’s effects are best tested empirically. Every user should compare their own personal states when using the card and without it. Whoever is versed in the techniques of radiesthesia or kinesiology can freely and repeatedly perform experiments.

The card starts working immediately when we apply it within our own biofield. This means that we are holding it in our left hand or place it on the left side of the body. Life with the card is more beautiful since everyone can benefit from a little extra help and support, whether with performing ordinary tasks or even in situations when we lack energy or experience increased stress.

Akin to a mother’s wish to calm a baby’s heart, the card can influence our well-being. It is clear today that the heart emits an electromagnetic field which influences our emotions. The heart’s magnetic field can also influence the processes in our vicinity and benefit other processes in the body with focused impulses.

Positive emotions change the disorder in the nervous system and allow for more balanced processes. Positive alignment on the other hand can allow the brains to take good decisions. Even the choice to purchase an informed card.
Poznik is an excellent choice and a privilege of those, who understand more…

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