Atlantean Ring

The Atlantean ring is an energy ring with engraved esoteric shapes the effects of which have been known since the time of the pharaohs.


Atlantean Ring

The Atlantean ring is an energy ring with engraved esoteric shapes the effects of which have been known since the time of the pharaohs.


The Atlantean ring is worn as protection against harmful radiation, malicious energies and accidents, during healing and for developing intuition. Its design is based directly on the shape of a ring found during archaeological excavations in Egypt in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Atlantean Rings Size Chart:

Width:for all sizes the width is 6 mm


16 mm16.5 mm17 mm17,5 mm18 mm18,5 mm19 mm20 mm21 mm22 mm23 mm24 mm

The ring was found by the archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922 during the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. The ring protected Carter from a strange and sudden death which befell every other member of his 18-strong team in the months after the tomb’s discovery.

By ancient account, the Egyptians received a part of their spiritual culture, including astrology, writing, magic and knowledge of cosmic forces, directly from the Atlanteans. The famed Sand-ring, whose protective effects are said to come from its combination of precise geometric patterns, is also attributed to Atlantean design.

Research of the Atlantean ring’s effects shows that the precise shapes emit waves, which protect the wearer and neutralise any force which may disturb the natural vibration of the living environment or destroy the balance of the wearer.

The ring is most effective when used for protection, well-being and intuition. The esoteric balance of the ring’s patterns is also the blueprint for one of the most surprising discoveries of vibration physics – an additional helix has been added to the design after further studies.

The unique Atlantean rings are made from pure (92.5%) silver in Zlatarna Celje. In Vili Poznik’s orgone laboratory in Celje, they are cleansed of energy and then informed with positive codes and information using orgone emitters.

The use of the ring is precisely prescribed. Worn on the right hand it aids in the protection of various goods. When worn for the protection of our health and well-being it must be known that it does not heal directly, but rather restores the blocked currents of energy in the body. Researchers have been able to produce interesting results in neurovegetative disorders and blood flow.

The ring ameliorates injuries, organic disturbances and pain. The effect of the ring depends on which finger we wear it on as different fingers have different functions and connection to various body organs and bodily functions. Worn on the thumb it affects breathing and the respiratory system, on the index finger the nervous system and vitality, on the middle finger the bones, on the ring finger the genitals, heart, nervous system and digestion, and on the little finger the blood flow.

The rings are 6mm wide and come in diameters from 16mm and 24mm.

The Atlantean ring helps with:

  1. Protection from all kinds of harmful radiation
  2. Relieving pain
  3. Faster recovery
  4. Healing injuries and organic disturbances faster
  5. Opening blocked energy channels
  6. Protection from accidents and misfortune
  7. Protection from evil spells and intents
  8. Boosting intuition and abilities

The effect of the ring depends on which ring it is worn on:

  1. Thumb: Respiratory organs
  2. Index: Nervous system and vitality
  3. Middle: Bones and skeletal tissue
  4. Ring: Sex organs, heart, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, digestive system and intestines
  5. Little: Circulation

The experience of some users shows that when the Atlantean ring is worn on the right hand, it helps with solving problems, and when worn on the left with acquiring material goods.

It can also be worn on a chain around the neck or tucked in a pocket.


Once a month, the ring must be cleansed of negative energies. This is done by placing the ring under running water. It is recharged with energy when placed on crystal glass and left in the sun for a while. Its energy can also be enhanced by placing it under the light of a full moon. 

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