Radiesthesic Kit POZNIK

Radiesthesic Kit POZNIK

Radiesthesists around the world share many starting points, which are common to all.

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Radiesthesic Kit POZNIK

Radiesthesists around the world share many starting points, which are common to all.

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Poznik Vili does not copy anyone’s theories and precisely because of this he is so unique and special:

  1. Clear questions receive clear answers
  2. Good intentions always allow right answers
  3. Performing measurements is not a privilege but a right
  4. The usefulness of the measurements depends on the right questions and right intentions
  5. Advancement and depth depend on practice and clear goals

He recommends to everyone to try himself at seeking answers with the help of radiesthesic tools and with regular practice and healthy intentions everyone has the opportunity to reach the level where the pendulum will be a useful tool in life, may it be purely for seeking answers or researching in depth.

It is a privilege for anyone to have the option of using quality tools inspired and designed by the inventor and radiesthesist Poznik Vili. His simple instructions sometimes feel stingy but all his inventions and international acclaim has such a strong instructive background that even being around his products opens the potential to look into a world of different understanding or elementary laws of our existence and co-existence with all matter which comprises us and envelops us.

The Radiesthesic Kit POZNIK includes:

  1. POZNIK Pendulum – 1 large, 1 small
  2. Biotensor POZNIK
  3. Rosettes for measurements – 3 charts
  4. Basic instructions for use
  5. Pouch
  6. CERTIFICATE – Poznik Information Technologies

Poznik Vili is an internationally renowned inventor who in addition to inspiration and intuition with seeking answers and new ideas always uses the pendulum as his main tool. His relationship with the pendulum is so good that he makes every major decision with its help.

Poznik Vili performs an immense amount of measurements before each continuation of testing with the help of the pendulum, on different rosettes and with different sources of information. Only after these measurements are confirmed with great certainty, the results undergo tests by other experts from different fields.

The basic principles of performing measurements with the pendulum are akin to those followed by other radiesthesists, but he developed certain methods alone with which he can successfully diagnose certain conditions. With the left hand he has contact with the information and the pendulum in the right provides answers.

After 40 years of work with the pendulum he discovered that the pendulum must have a frequency that conforms to the personality of anyone working with it. To find the perfect size, weight, shape and other details is strenuous work so he developed a special pendulum that can be tuned by anyone by themselves.

Who can perform radiesthesia?

The answer is that no one should be stopped or contained in doing this. Such an individual, however, should have at least some of the characteristics and attributes because it is a fact that the radiesthetic kit acts only as a channel and helper. The most important attributes of a radiesthesist are:

  1. 1. Strong character and personality
  2. 2. Mental stability
  3. 3. Ability to concentrate and calm oneself
  4. 4. Strong moral fiber

The person should have moral, ethical and humane virtues. A success in 50% of the cases is a failure; more than 90% success rate is counted as accurate in radiesthesia. According to general and concrete predisposition of a certain radiesthesists we can speak about which field of work and subjects the person performs best in.

On the basis of many years of observation, gathered results and external confirmation of his measurements, Poznik Vili has made a pendulum which combines knowledge and experience for new generations of those, who will have enough willpower and perseverance to explore this subtle tool.

Poznik Pendulum

  1. It is made from non rusting material, which gives it certain special properties
  2. The large one weighs 60 g
  3. The small one weighs 30 g
  4. The lower part is a point, which we can loosen or shorten and set our own frequency
  5. It is set on a string, which provides special responsiveness during measuring
  6. It has a ball on top as a handle, which acts as a flow sensor
  7. The Poznik engraving on the pendulum acts as proof of originality
  8. It has an open potential for information flow and does not block it
  9. It has imprinted information about its own biofield – it does not consume our potential

Poznik Biotensor

The Poznik biotensor is influenced by different variations of similar devices with the added bonus that in this form it allows us to detect even extremely weak potentials.

In the hands of an experienced measurer it is an irreplaceable tool and tuner for seeking answers and confirming suspicions. Users with experience with measuring with a pendulum will increase their sensibility by using the Biotensor. This Biotensor is an extraordinary complementary tool that will aid in our measurements.

It is recommended to perform measurements by holding the Biotensor in front of us at a 45 degree angle downwards. With the Biotensor we set what a confirmation is and what a negation or deviation is. We can orient ourselves after the response with moving upwards or downwards and left or right.

Poznik Rosettes

  1. Basic rosette allows the measurement of basic values and deviations
  2. Rosette for measuring compatibility
  3. Rosette for measuring flow



The pouch allows you to carry the pendulum safely with you at all times.


Instructions for performing measurements

There is a lot of quality literature on radiesthesia. It is important that we are guided by noble aims for performing measurements and that the only goal is to seek answers for improving conditions and never for harming someone or something. Man has been seeking answers regarding himself and the secrets of nature since prehistory. Wherever the people were dependant on water sources they used tools that reacted to the presence of water. When they sought noble metal and other deposits the different tools helped them achieve success and riches. In a time when man had a strongly developed intuition, different amulets helped with finding answers regarding health and energy of the individual.

The pendulums are a terrific tool for those who find inner peace and can follow answers every time without expectations.

Basic Rules

It is important to know that the pendulum has its own weight, so it can’t be moved by an external force and produce movement if our thoughts and muscle energy do not participate. A good example is a bus, which can be put into motion by 10 people, after it is already moving 5 people suffice and in the end only one person is enough. It is the same with the pendulum which by causal connection – question, microprocesses, mind and muscle interaction, present cosmic and earth potential energies, electromagnetic, spiritual and other influences combine to produce an image, which comes as an answer of the pendulum to the provided question or circumstance.

If we simplify it, this means that if we internally do not obstruct the pendulum’s movement then the second when powerful physical energies start the pendulum, it is easily guided by weaker, more sensitive energies. So even to start the movement of the pendulum muscle energy is needed, but if we move it based on our wishes, we cannot get the right answer. When searching for answers we must cleanse ourselves of wishes. Further procedures also must not ask ambiguous questions or open dilemmas. The correct procedure is to work out with the pendulum what means YES and what means NO. When the pendulum moves, turns to the right than that means YES. When it turns to the left than that means NO. When conducting measurements we must first set a thesis, a statement and then the pendulum will answer with a YES or NO. With a lot of practice and more personal experience we can develop and improve the approaches which will be our own and can be counted as useful in repeated measurements.


  1. Before starting we set the pendulum to our own frequency. We do this by holding it in the right hand (by the ball on top) and hold it with the point above our left hand – above the thumb and index finger that are joined in a circle. We extend or shorten the tip until the circular motion becomes calm and without vibration. Thus we achieve balance and set the pendulum to our frequency and can begin basic exercises.
  2. Measurements are performed by holding the pendulum in the right hand, between the thumb and the index finger and depending on the circumstances, with the elbow on a surface. The pendulum must move without obstruction. When it charts a large circle in spin this means a potential for an answer which can be large or small. The feet must be placed on the ground, legs must not be crossed.
  3. When we have developed a sense of working with the radiesthetic equipment over a longer period of time, we can use the principle which says that the left hand with the palm facing upwards acts as an antenna, the head is the computer and the right hand shows answers with the help of tools. This can help us in cases where perseverance and innovative approaches are needed.
  4. Before each measurement, set the thesis “Today I can perform radiesthetic measurements”. If the answer is YES then continue with the work, if not, terminate the procedure or try to calm your mind, concentrate and then try again. With more practice you can later develop the feel for it and can decide without the mentioned procedure.
  5. Never perform measurements when you have drunk alcohol or have recently had a strong emotional reaction, fight or are ill.
  6. At the beginning it is recommended that you perform measurements at least 15 minutes a day and then longer.
  7. As with all fields of human research you can be innovative when using radiesthetic tools. You can make or buy your own charts, develop different procedures when asking questions, but all this after you understand the reactions of the pendulum or the device which you are using.
  8. When performing measurements you must always do so of your own free will, with a lot of joy in your heart because a chance has been given to you. Relax and enjoy this process and never forget that a concrete, unambiguous and clear definition of your position is the foundation of any radiesthetic measurement.

Universal Rosette/Chart

When we use the Universal Rosette we can read YES or NO answers on it, then we can read the strength percentage of this answer on the chart. If there are not enough slots on the chart we can ask the pendulum for the next tier of strength. If it shows more than 200 then we ask if it is more than 200 and then measure as if it were more than 200. If it is still more we ask if it is more than 400 and so on.

When measuring different substances we must place the substance in the black field and ask the pendulum for the answer. We may also get the answer to how much substance is enough for a particular purpose like how much medicine is appropriate for a specific purpose or a specific person. Each time we must clean the black surface afterwards with pure alcohol. When investigating, measuring with a specific person in mind, we must acquire the person’s DNA first. The quickest way is to gather saliva with a cotton swab from the mouth and placing it on the black field. We can also place substances or objects which we want to measure in relation to the tested person on the black field. This way we get the information about compatibility or suitability of use and purpose.

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