iGLASS Water Bottle


The iGLASS Water Bottle is an excellent alternative to plastic bottles, which can only be used for a limited amount of time, and is an excellent companion during everyday activities. The chakra edition additionally balances your chakras.


The strong enduring glass can withstand everyday use. The colourful silicone rubber ensures an efficient and comfortable grip, extra stability on slippery surfaces, protection from accidents and falls and provides an effective chromotherapy. The informed bottle i91422 is suitable for both warm and cold drinks.

Although we frequently take water for granted, it is a miracle of nature by itself. No other known thing on the planet is shrouded in such mystery as water. The only thing known for sure is that without it, we would not exist.

“Without the Poznik Technology (Poznik TP) and informed water, I would not be alive today!”

 Martin Strel, Guinness world record holder who swam the entire length of the Amazon river (5.268km)


The quality of drinking water is getting worse every year all around the world. This is a direct consequence of the use of chemicals which we pour into our drains every day; more than 80 000 chemical substances are found in water. These substances then unavoidably end up in our water system. The Austrian expert, who researches the key effect of water on humans, Viktor Schauberg, has proved that the modern water system robs the water of its vitality, the thing that ensures life on our planet. The water which we drink is depleted and has a bent molecular structure which is not beneficial to our health.

Renewed Water

Our bodies need the revived water, because only in this state it can expedite the transport of nutrients to the cells and between them. When our bodies are denied the vitalised water, the body can change it itself, but to do that it uses energy otherwise used for the protection and reparation of the body. This weakens the body’s resilience and can potentially lead to sickness.

i91422 Informed Products

The i91422 informed bottles are a result of more than 30 years of research led by a team of world renowned inventors. The innovations have been awarded with many international awards and prizes.

Berlin Electrophotonics Institute

The Berlin Electrophotonics Institute performs exhaustive Gas Discharge Visualisation tests and uses a special Kirilan camera. After drinking water from the informed bottle the test show a 20% increase in activity in the human bio field.

Poznik Technology (TP)

The technology used for informing the i91422 bottles is a combination of several scientific processes and methods, which are able to influence a chain of common molecules and different matter (water, glass, plastic, metal…) with the help of codes and specific information. With a precise use of Poznik Technology we can choose, amplify and imprint a specific energy information or vibration into objects of our choice. The information is imprinted by using numbers, where every number holds hundreds of information bundles. The final result is a combination of thousands of carefully selected information and vibrations, working in synergy and harmony. The bundles of information are a result of decades of intensive research. The imprinting involves strict procedures and testing, providing every product with a certificate of quality. The principles of how the i91422 bottle works are shown in the discoveries of several world renowned pioneers of their field, Dr. Korotkov, Dr. Voikov, Dr. Popp and Dr. Masaru Emoto, including their predecessors Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Viktor Schauberger.

Units in box: 1


uporabo tekočin nad 50ºC


uporabo pomivalnega stroja


uporabo mikrovalovne pečice


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