Double Silver Medallion


In the different shapes of the pendants, specific information is imprinted with special technology, which effects the energy level and balance of the wearer and those close to him.

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The Medallion is an important accessory in modern times, because the environment in which we live is becoming more and more polluted.

This occurs on a chemical as well as on the level of energy and information. The pollution of negative information is even more frequent and perilous than chemical pollution, which can be regulated and contained with laws and regulations. No such regulatory mechanism exists yet to protect us from energy information pollution.

People themselves pollute this environment the most as they emit and receive negative energy, which can be neutralised with the help of the Medallion and changed into positive energy.

The Silver Medallion by POZNIK is the product of years of research and experience. It is made from quality silver in Zlatarna Celje, where they also engraved specially calculated codes that carry information. The Magic Life shape, which is copyrighted, is an important carrier of information. The combined effect serves to influence the energy level of the person wearing it around the neck, holding it in his hand or has it nearby.

The Medallion increases positive influence on the wearer’s bio field or aura, it protects against the negative energy in the environment (geopathic zones, electromagnetic radiation, cosmic radiation), it destroys energy blockages in your system, it opens up your exit channels, influences the chakras, promotes intuition and expands your spiritual and emotional horizons. With its positive changes it promotes your well-being and increases your business acumen. With its help it is easier to overcome stressful situations and to take the right choices. It helps with focus and decisiveness. It is easier to channel your thoughts and focus on our work. It improves self-esteem and relationships.

Informing of products with the help of POZNIK Technologies is explained by a doctor of physics Dr. Yuri Yatsko, who says that all things hold a certain vibration. The vibration can be recorded and transferred to another object. The technology which allows this has already been discovered in the previous century, when Wilhelm Reich wrote about the nature and applications of orgone energy. This technology is almost limitless as it allows the transfer of both thoughts and desires as well as the effects of medications.

POZNIK Vili has developed a unique approach to capture specific information, the storage of information and the transfer of information. He also improved on the use of orgone cannons and combined all his knowledge and experience in POZNIK Technologies.

Thus information which has profoundly positive effects is transferred to the medallion. The amount of information used exceeds 10.000. Depending on the specific use, different information with varying effects can be transferred onto the object using orgone cannons.

Medallions treated with this technology have exceptional characteristics that benefit the wearer.

The Silver Medallion with a fitted brilliant gem is meant to be worn by women. It carries additional information which positively influences relations between two sexes. Women carrying the Medallion will notice improved communication abilities and relationships with the opposite sex.

The Silver Medallion with a fitted sapphire is meant to be worn by men. Men wearing this Medallion will notice improved communication and relationships with the opposite sex.


The Medallion works best when worn around the neck so that it rests on the cardiac plexus or on the left side of the body. If experiencing discomfort it must be transferred to the right side or put away for a while.

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